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Western Bagel may not have invented the bagel but they brought them to Los Angeles! The first/oldest bagel bakery in Los Angeles is still going strong from its headquarters in Van Nuys. Let’s get into the history.

Western Bagel didn’t invent the Bagel, but they brought it to Los Angeles!  Evan Lovett created an amazing video about our history, check it out HERE!

How to properly slice a Western Bagel

Bagel Being Cut with Knige

The safest and easiest way to cut a bagel, we learned, is a two-step process: Start with the bagel lying flat, a serrated bread knife in your dominant hand. Position the knife parallel to your cutting surface and make a careful horizontal cut that goes about halfway through the bagel. Without removing the knife, stand […]

For Cristi, Eating Bagels were something she was prepared to give up.

Cristi on a Hike

For Cristi, Eating Bagels were something she was prepared to give up. One of our long term influencers, Cristi has been with us from the start! She is also in Southern California just like us. Due to a serious medical condition, it is imperative for her to stay in shape and to ease any strain on her heart. […]

How to cut a Bagel

Bagel Being Cut with Knige

Bagelgate Part 2 Recently there was a new Bagelgate, probably just as serious as the Bagel Emoji discussion. A weatherman in St. Louis, Missouri picked up some bagels from Panera Bread for the office just like a good company man would do but then left the Twitter world with this tweet. Although there is nothing wrong […]