5 ways to keep your Bagels fresh

5 ways to keep your bagels fresh

For those that have been a customer since we started in 1947, and to those who grew up in the San Fernando Valley on our bagels, this may be second nature. For others keeping your bagels in tip-top condition is something you might not have known about. If you take care of your bagels then the better they will taste and the longer they will last. Since our bagels are hearth-baked and kettle boiled the traditional way, you want them to stay in shape! This article is perfect for those that take a baker’s dozen home from our shops, but also our online customers all over the country.

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Rule 1: If you’re not going to eat it, freeze it.

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This is something we can’t stress enough! It is best to leave out what you plan to eat for the next day tops. Leaving them out will make them go stale/mold and the taste will fade a bit. Freezing bagels keeps them fresh and tasty, and our bagels will last for 6 months (classic bagels) and 8 months (dietary products).

Rule 2: The refrigerator is a desert.

When people usually get Bagels they throw them in the fridge, right? Well, that’s because your mom probably said to put all food in the fridge. We’re not saying she’s wrong, we’re just letting you know if you place your bagels in there they will become less chewy and drier. It’s better to put them in the pantry or leave them on the counter until they’re ready. If you follow rule 1 then rule 2 won’t be so daunting. So, just be decisive and have a bagel eating schedule and everything will be alright.

Rule 3: Don’t Microwave

Don't toast bagels in the microwave.

To be honest, this rule can actually be broken, but the bagel gods won’t be so merciful to you when you take your first bite. If you’re on the go, this might be your only option. Just be aware that the chewy texture will diminish a bit and it might be more rubbery than you like. Also, don’t overdo it! It will become all steamy and moist. No one likes anything rubbery and moist when it comes to bagels. 

Rule 4: Let it thaw then toast

Dozen Bagels

We know that you want your bagel right away when you turn off your alarm. In some situations, you might even pick a bagel over brushing your teeth or being on time to work/class. Although we don’t condone this behavior, we certainly understand your need to feed on a bagel. So, when you wake up in the morning, just prepare the night before by thawing out your bagel. The standard for thawing is about two hours at room temperature. This will keep ideal quality and taste to the highest degree, then you can hear the glorifying almost Pavol-dog saliva-inducing metal rustling sound. Then you toast. Victory

Rule 5: Toasting is the best

A silver and black toaster toasting bagels.

Bagels just like Los Angeles, are hot and toasty. Yes, it gets hot here, and that’s why our bagels are better than New York’s bagels. For one thing, who doesn’t like warm breakfast? Bagels were created to be eaten toasted. We get it if you want one for lunch un-toasted, but when it comes to the most important meal of the day, make it happen. As Bagel Brad once said, “JUST TOAST IT”.

  • Never put hot or warm bagels in a plastic bag. They will get soggy from water vapors.
  • Our bagel slicers are the best way to cut the bagel in halves if it’s not pre-sliced. Check out our bagel slicer.
  • Separate varieties to prevent the transfer of flavors.

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