Western Bagel Brunch Ideas

Spring & Easter are around the corner, so what better way to spend it than with family, friends, and Bagels! Here are some tips on how to host a delicious brunch.


Obviously. Get a dozen; be sure to offer a variety (but go big on Everything, the superior bagel). Set up your toaster near the sliced bagels: To toast or not to toast is a very personal decision.

Cream Cheese

This is a must, no Bagel will ever be the same without Cream cheese, although some people prefer butter, cottage cheese, peanut butter, and or jelly. Our retail stores offer our signature cream cheese in 7 oz or 15 oz tubs (we recommend 15 oz per dozen).

Smoked Salmon

Get 1 lb. smoked or cured salmon from a Jewish deli or specialty grocer.

Other Smoked Fish

Round out the spread with an additional 1 lb. smoked fish. Try a mix of the classics—smoked whitefish or sable—and some less traditional picks like smoked trout or smoked mackerel.

Cucumber and Radish

Thin slices of cucumbers and radishes (you’ll need a hothouse cucumber and a handful of radishes) add a refreshing crunch.


For salty & sweet flavor


Thinly slice 1 small red onion.


Any fresh tender herb will do, but dill is especially good with salmon.


Slice a couple of beefsteak tomatoes—but only when they’re in season!


Cut a lemon into small wedges to squeeze over a dressed bagel.

Salmon Roe

It is a party, after all. About 4 oz. should do it; nestle the tin into a bowl of crushed ice to keep it cool.

Other ingredient suggestions:

  • Butter
  • Variety of cream cheeses (plain, scallion, lox, etc.)
  • Variety of jams
  • Avocado
  • Boiled Egg
  • Tuna salad
  • Egg salad
  • Scrambled eggs

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