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Recipes for bagels and other fun items

Everything Bagel Turkey Sandwich Recipe

 There is such satisfaction in having a simple meal that is executed perfectly. Turkey sandwiches are a staple in the bagel community.  This sandwich is made with turkey, cheddar, fresh heirloom tomatoes, bacon, mustard, and avocado mayonnaise, on an everything bagel. It’s the combination of many of my favorite foods, and the flavor pairings are […]

Western Bagel may not have invented the bagel but they brought them to Los Angeles! The first/oldest bagel bakery in Los Angeles is still going strong from its headquarters in Van Nuys. Let’s get into the history.

Western Bagel didn’t invent the Bagel, but they brought it to Los Angeles!  Evan Lovett created an amazing video about our history, check it out HERE!

Western Bagel Introduces Signature Individual Everything Topping

Western Bagel Everything Topping at Home? That’s right, now available in-store & online! The “Everything” bagel topping, a blend of various seeds and spices, is a classic and popular topping used on bagels. While there isn’t a specific individual credited with its creation, it’s believed to have originated in New York City, particularly within the […]

Healthy Classic Bagels with Cream Cheese

When you think of bagels you probably think of cream cheese, it’s 2nd nature to most. You probably see the bagel emoji (we did that) and still think cream cheese. It wasn’t always like that. That’s a story for another day. But really, don’t count out cream cheese on your bagel. It can be healthy […]