Kim loves that bagels fit her vegetarian lifestyle

Kim with her baby on a sunny day

Our good Friend Kim Hoeltje is a very talented food blogger. She does lean more on the health side of things, but she really knows how to create something tasty but also beautiful. Make sure to giver her a follow on Instagram and subscribe to her YouTube channel, she is very active on both. Vegetarian bagels were something she didn’t know existed.

Diets are a thing of balance

Blueberry Bagels with Banana and Peanut Butter.

She does not claim just one particular dietary lifestyle. Balance is a big deal for her. Some of her favorite foods include Donuts and Carrots. As you may guess bagels do make a daily appearance. She is vegetarian and sticking to plant-based foods has been something very important to her. Lucky for her, all of our bagels aside from a few are vegan. Kim Loves that Bagels fit her vegetarian lifestyle.

Perfect 10’s are the best

Perfect 10 Healthy Grain bagels with Peanut Butter

Since the Perfect 10 bagels are filled with 19 grams of pea protein it fits her favorite meal just right. On the contrary, she doesn’t toast her bagels but prefers to microwave them, topped with Peanut Butter. She loves how the bagels and Peanut Butter gets warm and melts over the bagels.

Freezing food defiantly has a negative connotation. That doesn’t hold up for Western Bagel. One of Kim’s favorite perks about Western Bagel is how well they stay good in the freezer. She suggests keeping them in zip lock bags and they will stay good for months. Vegetarian bagels were something she didn’t know existed.

Cardio is her Friend

Women Swimming Breast Stroke.

She owes a lot to tackling her fitness goals to straight dieting, but she ended up falling in love with Cardio. Now, you may think of running on biking but she does it all. Swimming is her true love, but she does feel fortunate that she has found a love for cardio. Staying in shape means swimming, for about an hour per workout. Her favorite strokes are breaststroke and freestyle.

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