Western Bagel Baking Corporation is committed to conducting all of its business in an ethical and legal manner.   We do not accept or support the use of illegal, abusive, slavery or child labor, either within our business or with our suppliers.   Our Code of Business Conduct reiterates that we expect our employees to act ethically and with integrity and abide by the law.  Our sourcing employees also receive training in responsible sourcing and supplier management.
Our suppliers are required to act in accordance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, including laws addressing human trafficking and slavery.  
We assess our supply chain through internal risk analysis and supplier self-assessment.  We may engage in verification measures with a supplier to evaluate and address risks of human trafficking and slavery, including possible site visits and audits to ensure compliance.  While we audit the performance of our suppliers using internal resources, they do not currently include detailed assessments for human trafficking and slavery.
In the event that we have reason to believe that a supplier is not in compliance with these standards, we will take corrective measures up to and including the potential removal of the supplier from our supply chain. Similarly, if an employee violates our Code of Business Conduct, we will take appropriate disciplinary measures up to and including dismissal.