How to cut a Bagel

Bagel Being Cut with Knige

Bagelgate Part 2

Recently there was a new Bagelgate, probably just as serious as the Bagel Emoji discussion. A weatherman in St. Louis, Missouri picked up some bagels from Panera Bread for the office just like a good company man would do but then left the Twitter world with this tweet.

Western Bagel Bagelgate

Although there is nothing wrong with trying new things, as a Bagel company we had to set this straight.

This is a direct statement from our VP of Sales. 

“Good Bagels aren’t bread nor should be sliced like it”

This isn’t to knock Panera or even Alek Krautmann, but this sole purpose was to keep bagels well–bagels.

So please, please sliced your bagels in half not in bread slices like above.

In case you were really wondering we have some options for you:

Serrated knife

This seems to be the easiest way as almost every household has a knife to do this. Your first step will be to hold both sides of a bagel with your thumb to one side and your other fingers on the other.

Then you will make a space between the top of the bagel and that is where you will start the slice. Be careful to not squish the bagel. Remember to always cut away from your body.

The other way would be to lay it down flat and cut it the long way. We provided a gif that would help visualize this!

How to Cut a Bagel Western Bagel

Credit: Chelsea Kyle, Prop Styling by Beatrice Chastka, Food Styling by Anna Stockwell

Bagel Slicer


Another option is to use our bagel slicer or bagel clasp. It can be viewed here
We also wanted to show you a few different options but obviously, ours is the best.

Western Bagel Bagel Cuter

Urban Trend

Classic Guillotine

Western Bagel Slicer

One other option is not to slice at all! Some purists might swear by this!

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