Western Bagel Introduces Signature Individual Everything Topping

Western Bagel Everything Topping at Home? That’s right, now available in-store & online! The “Everything” bagel topping, a blend of various seeds and spices, is a classic and popular topping used on bagels. While there isn’t a specific individual credited with its creation, it’s believed to have originated in New York City, particularly within the Jewish immigrant community, where bagels are a staple food.

The exact combination of ingredients in the “Everything” topping can vary, but it typically includes a mix of sesame seeds, poppy seeds, dried garlic, dried onion, and salt. This combination offers a flavorful and aromatic topping that adds depth and texture to all kinds of bagels and other breads.

The popularity of the “Everything” bagel has spread all over the United States becoming a favorite choice at bagel shops and bakeries across the map and even internationally. Its versatility and savory flavor profile make it a beloved option for bagel lovers everywhere. Now you can enjoy the topping at home, on anything you can think of! Order yours today!

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