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Are Bagels High in Protein? It Depends on the Bagels, Recipe and Company

The healthy bagel debate continues to live on with people throughout the world looking for alternatives to classic bagels, especially options that are low-carb and protein-rich. And after becoming a leader in the bagel space one question that we are often asked is if bagels are high in protein, which requires a further explanation.  While […]

Western Bagel Attends Dole Great Race in Agoura Hills and Donates 3,000 Bagels

Our company has always been on a mission to give back and over the years we have had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of charitable organizations as well as participate in local events like the Dole Great Race which took place this past weekend in Agoura Hills, California. This year marked the […]

West Coast vs New York Bagels: What’s the Difference?

The great debate that has lived on for many years is around which region makes the best bagels, and while some people gravitate towards the New York style due to their popularity, others are opening their eyes to West Coast bagels. But the big question is: What’s the difference?  Since opening the first bagel bakery […]

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