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Healthy Breakfast Bagel Sandwich Recipe (Low Carb)

This Easy Breakfast Bagel Sandwich recipe is so versatile, you can mix & match your favorite bagels, veggies, cheeses, and meats to create the perfect…Breakfast Bagel Sandwich! Servings: Makes 1 breakfast bagel sandwich myWW Green: 8 SmartPoints myWW Blue: 6 SmartPoints myWW Purple: 6 SmartPoints What ingredients will I need for this Easy Breakfast Bagel Sandwich? […]

The Ultimate Bagel Recipe For a HOT Summer

We all know that there is an enormous following for avocado and eggs on bagels but you can also enjoy a thick slightly chewy, slightly crispy bagel loaded with toppings that are both healthy and filling. Paired with an extra large coffee, of course!  Top left recipe: Pear + Blackberry Bagel with Cream Cheese and Walnuts Layer 1 […]

Are Bagels High in Protein? It Depends on the Bagels, Recipe and Company

The healthy bagel debate continues to live on with people throughout the world looking for alternatives to classic bagels, especially options that are low-carb and protein-rich. And after becoming a leader in the bagel space one question that we are often asked is if bagels are high in protein, which requires a further explanation.  While […]

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