Holiday Breakfast Idea: Bagel Snowman

Gather the bagels, cream cheese, and all the fixing to make an adorable and tasty Bagel Snowman. Serve as a Christmas morning breakfast or as a class party snack!

Have some fun during the holidays with an easy holiday breakfast recipe for kids (and kids at heart). These whole wheat bagel snowmen are spread with cream cheese and topped with fun fixing. Use blueberries or raisins to make the eyes, buttons, and mouth. Pretzel sticks are awesome for arms and a small piece of fruit leather or licorice serves as a cute scarf.

Clever Recipe Swaps for Bagel Snowmen

This holiday recipe calls for full-sized bagels but if that is too much food for your crew, simply use mini bagels or bagel thin. You can also sub out bagels for whole wheat English muffins.

If cream cheese isn’t your thing, try spreading a layer of thick and creamy whole-milk Greek yogurt or ricotta cheese. And, if you’re trying to avoid candy at breakfast, skip the scarf altogether or use a slice of red or green bell pepper.

Whether you serve these at a class party or for breakfast on Christmas morning, they’re sure to bring many smiles!


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