Delicious Bagels Can Fit Into Your Healthy Lifestyle Diet

Since 1947, Western Bagel has been crafting classically delicious bagels. Those in the local Los Angeles area aren’t the only ones that can get them though. With nationwide shipping, you can get the best bagels in the west coast delivered to your door. And now, you can get bagels that have all the flavors you crave that fit your lifestyle. Western Bagel proudly offers an array of tasty flavors in the same traditional family recipe we’ve been using since 1947. However, we know many of you have health goals you want to achieve. That’s why we’ve worked tirelessly to create low-carb, high-protein, and Weight Watchers bagel options so you won’t have FOMO.

High Protein Bagels

If you’re on a high-protein diet, you can get all those bagel flavors you’ve been craving and still stay on track. We offer our Perfect 10 bagels that are packed with 19 grams of protein. They taste just like regular bagels and are made with tasty pea protein. If you’re vegan and soy-free, these fit your lifestyle too. Want even more protein? Then choose our yummy Perfect 10 Maxx bagels which have the highest protein of any bagel anywhere. You’ll get up to 30 grams of protein and loads of sustaining fiber to keep you feeling full and satisfied all morning long. And yes, these are also soy-free and vegan-friendly too.

Low Carb Bagels

For those committed to eating a low-carb diet, Western Bagel has you covered too. Offerings like our Alternative Mini Bagelettes are low in carbs with just 14 grams. They’re also low in calories and have no added sugar. Another thing we don’t include is saturated fat, but you can count on them to taste amazing.

Weight Watchers

Part of a healthy lifestyle is balancing, and Western Bagel wants you to have your bagel in a balanced way. Those Alternative Bagelettes in wheat are top sellers for a reason. So too are the Roasted Onions Bagelettes. They are only 1 Smart Point in the Weight Watchers program too, so you can feel good about eating them as part of a sensible diet plan. Every bagel we make in our Dietary Bagel line fits your Weight Watchers lifestyle.

Tips for Your Best-Tasting Healthy Bagel

While your bagels from Western Bagel will stay fresh for several days upon receipt, you should freeze what you can’t eat immediately. In this way, they’ll be ready for you when you are, staying in delicious condition for up to 8 months. When you want to eat your healthy bagels, simply thaw them out at room temperature for 2 hours. Toast them for the most enjoyable texture and taste and be sure to top them with your favorite healthy toppings. They make great sandwiches too, and since they’re in tune with your health goals for low-carb or high-protein, you’ll be able to eat our bagels whenever you want them. Get your order in today and you’ll soon be in bagel bliss with Western Bagel!

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