Heathershealthier Smart Points dieting Hacks

Heathershealthier Smart Points dieting Hacks


Hi everyone! My name is Heather (@heathershealthier on Instagram) and with the help of Weight Watchers, I’ve lost 80 pounds. I follow the Smart Points program which helps me focus more on healthy food choices like fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products. Most bagels are either higher in Smart Points or lower in flavor/quality. When I tried my first Western Bagelette neither was the case. I tried the Onion flavor for a mere 1 Smart Point and it was delicious, there was nothing “diet tasting” about it. I absolutely love bagels so the fact that I can incorporate them into my meal plan and still lose weight is a big deal!

Speaking of meal plans, I would like to share some tips that have helped me lose and maintain my 80-pound loss.

Western Bagel Low Carb Bagels Heather is Healthier

1. Meal Planning:

It is super important for me to have some sort of a weekly plan of what I intend on eating. I like to meal plan on Sundays and use the plan to get all of the groceries I need for the week. This cuts down on extra trips to the store and excess spending since I’m following a list. Western Bagel is great because they freeze amazingly. I put some in a freezer bag and when I plan on having one just pull it out of the freezer and put it in the fridge the night before. They always thaw perfectly and are just as fresh as they were when I put them in! Also, having a plan means less grazing in the kitchen since I already know what and when I am eating. Planning has played a huge role in my success!


2. Filling My Plate:

This may seem counterproductive but I find the more I fill my plate with healthy low point options, the less likely I am to snack on high point chips, candy, etc. If I am hungry between meals I plan healthier snacks like a Western Bagelette (1 sp) with 1 tbs of nut butter (3 sp) and fruit (0 sp)… so satisfying! Also, using a salad size plate for meals tricks my mind into thinking my plate is overflowing which in turn makes me feel fuller quicker!

3. Go To Meetings:

Attending my weekly Weight Watchers meeting has helped me tremendously with accountability. I go to every meeting even if I expect a gain, those are the days that I need the support and need to go the most!


4. Eat What You Love:

For me, nothing is off-limits! I eat whatever I love, I just make a healthier version! My new favorite is making egg & cheese breakfast sliders using the onion Bagelettes. I use 2 Bagelettes (3 sp), 2 eggs (4 sp), chicken or turkey bacon (1 sp), light cheese (2 sp), and any added veggies you like (onion, spinach & tomato are some of my favorites).  Throw in a side of fresh fruit and you have a healthy, filling, and delicious meal!

5. Drink Water:

This one is self-explanatory! 😉

6. Exercise:

Exercise is very important, it’s also important to find something that you enjoy! I was always a walker, I love walking my neighborhood with my family after dinner. Just recently I have taken up running, I really am enjoying it and I’m surprising myself every day with my ability. It’s very important to get in some pre-run fuel. I really like to keep it simple with a Perfect 10 or Alternative Bagel (3 sp for either) and cream cheese, it gives me the perfect amount of energy!

Losing weight isn’t easy, but finding great products to incorporate into your program like Western Bagel helps so much!

Remember to take it day by day, even meal by meal. There will be times when the scale doesn’t reflect your hard work and it can get frustrating… keep going! Sticking with it through the lows and tough times are what makes you stronger and more capable to maintain this lifestyle for the long run.

It may seem hard because it is hard, so be patient and enjoy the journey. Celebrate all your victories large or small and most of all believe in yourself!

I would love to stay in contact, feel free to follow my journey over on Instagram @heathershealthier! 🙂

Thanks, everyone!


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