Weight Watchers started to work when….

Hi There! My name is Cristi, I’ve been an avid follow of Weight Watchers, you can follow me on my Instagram.
This piece is about when I started to find success with the Weight Watchers program.

Cristi's Transformation on the Western Bagel Blog

 In 2014:

I started Weight Watchers in June 2014. When I started I was a year into a really great relationship and I had gained a lot of “happy” weight. We would go out to eat a lot and end every week with “Homemade Ice Cream Sunday’s” where we would make our own ice cream in whatever flavor we desired. It wasn’t until my clothes stopped fitting that I realized I need to make a change – and quick! When I brought it up to my boyfriend, he was in complete support of trying anything I thought would be best. So in June 2014, we started weight watchers together. I chose weight watchers because at the time I wasn’t active at ALL and I had no desire to add activity into my life. I knew weight watchers was built so that you could either be active or not and the program would still work. We took our before pictures and were ready to go!

Adding Western Bagel to my Meal Plan:

Eating Western Bagel products has helped tremendously as well, I love the Alternative 2.0 ® Bagelettes which come in Wheat (top seller) and Roasted Onion has 14g of carbs! Amazing right? Not to mention 60 calories, no sugar, no saturated or normal fats, 4 grams of protein, and 5 grams of dietary fiber. Did I mention that they are only 1 Smart Point!?

Cristi's Transformation while with her husband in a Pool

The App Made it Easier to Track

I downloaded the app and started the program. I looked up all types of weight watchers recipes and got busy making weight watchers friendly foods that I know I would still enjoy. Some of these included 3 point lemon bars, 1 point chocolate chip cookies, and 1 point banana bread muffins! I was determined to never sacrifice the foods that I loved to lose weight and I didn’t have to. In my first week on Weight Watchers I lost 5 pounds. I was ecstatic and it really gave me the motivation that I needed to keep going. In my first month, I rounded off at losing 16 pounds. This brought me down to 170 pounds, a weight I hadn’t seen in a long time. Even though I was losing weight though, I still hadn’t necessarily seen the changes in my body. Then came August when I tried on my first bathing suit with my new shed pounds. It was the moment that I stepped through the gates into our pool and the confidence that I felt in that size 14 one-piece that I knew weight watchers worked and I felt good. It didn’t matter that the suit was equipped with a control top, it was the fact that I had the confidence to jump into the pool and enjoy myself with my boyfriend.

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Build on Progress

That confidence motivated me to optimize my weight loss and I decided to start to add some activity. Being born with a heart condition (and after 4 open heart surgeries and pacemaker implantation) I was never active. I was afraid to work out because I felt like I was going to die.  So I started slow and simply began to walk on my lunch break at work! Each time, I walked longer until I was going to the gym twice a day to walk on the treadmill! The walking turned into running for a few minutes here and there and now I can run two miles without stopping! That is something I never thought I would be able to do. Not only because of my heart condition but because of my weight which was constantly weighing me down.

One constant throughout my entire 2-year journey has been weight watchers. It has never failed me. Now that I have started to lift weights in addition to my cardio, I add in my weeklies and activity points to ensure my body has the nutrition it needs when burning the extra calories.

Crisit's before and after on the Western Bagel blog

Now, 65 pounds down, I’ve traded the control top one piece in for a drawer full of two-piece suits! I’m happier, more confident, and healthier than ever before and I owe it all to hard work and Weight Watchers.

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