Lauren: Weight Watchers Bagel Recipes (SP)

Hi all! I’m Lauren from @lauren_losingit and have successfully lost 35 pounds! I have a HUGE passion for healthy living and refuse to give up my favorite foods (ahem, CARBS) along the way! My idea of healthy and happiness is ever-evolving as I try to figure out this crazy thing we call life!

Western Bagel Low Carb Bagels

If you are thinking of changing your lifestyle… Start small! Small changes every day add up to big changes over time!  I currently follow the weight watchers smart points system (sp) and have found TONS of ways to make it work to fit my lifestyle! It is SO doable! If I can do it, anyone can!

The Alternative bagels & Alternative pita bread were some of my favorite bread products back when I first did weight watchers in 2007! I was AMAZED that I found a bagel that actually tasted like a bagel and was better for you option packed with protein and fiber… I mean was this real life?? 

I recently re-discovered Western Bagel with a new to me product, the Perfect 10 bagel! Rarely eating meat, I struggle with getting enough protein in throughout the day! This bagel has 20 grams of protein and seriously tastes great!! Don’t get me wrong, the pita and alternative bagels are still on my must-have list, too! The options are endless… Bagel sandwiches, bagel garlic bread, pita pizzas, pita veggie flatbread, etc! The healthier western bagels and pita bread are the perfect addition to any meal!

I have found so many easy ways to incorporate these products into healthy creations! Below are a few of my favorite simple go to’s:

Western Bagel Perfect 10 Sandwich with Apples

Egg sandwich: 
Perfect 10 Healthy Grain bagel (3sp)
-egg (2sp)
-1 slice cheddar (2sp) 
-bacon (1sp) 

Cook egg in a pan with spinach over a stove. Toast bagel and top with egg, cheddar, and bacon!

Serve with a side of fruit for the perfect 8sp breakfast!

Western Bagel Banana bagels with Cinnamon Breakfast

Post-workout snack:
Perfect 10 bagel (3sp) 
-1TBS almond butter (3sp)

Toast bagel and top with almond butter, sliced banana, and cinnamon.

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