High Protein Bagel Sandwich

A person holding a Bagel Sandwich with eggs and bacon

We know you’re in love with our Perfect 10 + bagels and we don’t blame you. Since their inception, these bagels had one mission–to provide the level of protein people needed. With around 20g of protein, these bagels can substitute your protein shake or really give you a boost. Not to mention that these are derived from pure vegan ingredients and also made with pea-protein. That is why these are a perfect component for a bagel sandwich.

Sometimes simple is the best. That’s why we have a bagel sandwich courtesy of Kyler Jackson. Kyler created something that is simple but is a staple. Simple is sometimes the way to go. Why over complicate things that already pair so well. Kind of like Gordon Ramsey and a Hot Sauce interview.

Sometimes people try to limit themselves to tasty meals when trying to cut weight or watch carbs, but you don’t have to. If you can get creative with ways you can eat and also plan out what you want to eat you can find ways to not lose out on your favorite style of meals. You may need to try out some new ingredients like lean ham. We like that or any other meats in bagel sandwiches.

Now, just because you have made a sandwich at least once in your life, we still wanted to break it down for you because you probably didn’t even read these last 4 paragraphs. Did you know the sandwich was invented in Kent England in 1762?


High Protein Bagel Sandwich

Protein Bagel Sandwich:


Weight Watchers Points for the Bagel: 3 Smart Points


Serving: 1 High Protein Bagel Sandwich | Calories: 410cal | Carbohydrates: 33g | Protein: 51g | Fat: 13g 


  • Scramble the eggs
  • Fry the ham
  • Cut and add cheese while everything is still hot
  • Add a small amount of butter
  • Assemble the great bagel sandwich!
  • Toasting is optional


Perfect 10 Bagels
Large Eggs
Lean Ham
2 Slices
1-2 slices
2 tablespoons

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