Bagels in Bed: The Best Father’s Day Gift?

Of all things you can get your dad for Father’s Day, breakfast in bed to celebrate them and give back for all of the times they made you breakfast is a definite win, but what’s on the menu? Our thoughts: Bagels in bed. 

Everyone loves bagels and there’s something special about a classic bagel with a smear of cream cheese then a platter offering additional toppings like capers, onions, lox, etc. which is probably one of the best things you can wake up to. 

Western Bagel first launched in 1947 and our bagels have been putting smiles on faces ever since, and we’re here to help you deliver the same on Father’s Day or any other day of the year whether it’s for your dad, significant other, co-workers or anyone else important in your life. 

Our bagels can be purchased online and if you need help creating the most delicious bagel spread we are here to help!

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