West Coast vs New York Bagels: What’s the Difference?

The great debate that has lived on for many years is around which region makes the best bagels, and while some people gravitate towards the New York style due to their popularity, others are opening their eyes to West Coast bagels. But the big question is: What’s the difference? 

Since opening the first bagel bakery in Los Angeles, CA in 1947 we have seen the bagel industry change over time while also helping to pioneer the definition of bagels on the West Coast, and Western Bagel became known as “The Bagel That Won The West.” Simply said, we know bagels. 

Looking at the difference between the two coasts, bagels in the west tend to be more soft and chewy in the middle as opposed to dense like New York bagels, and they typically have more of a crisp on the outside. The ingredients used in both (and ratios) are also different, which provides a unique taste. 

Aside from the bagels themselves, throughout the country they are usually topped with similar ingredients ranging from cream cheese alone to lox, vegetables and the list goes on. Tastes do change a little based on region – like how bagels with lox is classic in New York – but are the same for the most part.   

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