Alternative Blueberry ® 5ct.


✔ 29g Carbs
✔ 120 Calories
✔ 1g Sugar
✔ 7g Protein
✔ 10 Dietary Fiber

If sweet is more of your jam then this low-carb Blueberry bagel is the way to go, this bagel goes great with butter or a side of fruit salad. They are low in Carbs (29g), low in calories (120), and have ZERO Saturated Fat. Sugar is a well-avoided item, and that’s why it only has 1 gram of sugar. This bagel includes 8% of your daily iron intake, and 15% of your daily calcium and is also rich in Vitamin A, Potassium, and Phosphorus.

*STORAGE* Freeze upon receipt, lasts 6 – 9 months in the freezer!

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