The History of Bagels: Why NYC is Viewed as the Bagel Capital

Bagels have been around for centuries dating back to the 1600s when bakers in Eastern Europe created one of the most epic foods that’s more relevant today than ever, but why is New York City many times viewed as the bagel capital of the world as opposed to Los Angeles, Montreal and other destinations that also dish out amazing bagels? Let’s explore.

First and foremost, looking back in time, it’s important to understand the trajectory and how Jews were forced out of Europe and neighborhoods like the Bronx, Washington Heights and others in NYC became a place where they created a new life. And with that they brought their tastes, traditions, and best of all old school bagel recipes.

After families first arrived in NYC they started to branch out over time – to Los Angeles, Miami and other cities – but the traditions still remained the same. And that expansion is what led to Western Bagel launching the first bagel bakery in Los Angeles, CA in 1947.

Known as the “Bagel That Won the West,” Western Bagel has been carrying on the tradition ever since and it’s exciting to see how our roots have grown into what Western Bagel is today.

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