Bagels in Los Angeles: Where Western Bagel Was Born

The City of Angels isn’t usually recognized for being a hub of bagel greatness but back in 1947 the Founder of Western Bagel saw something special and created the first bagel bakery in Los Angeles, California which continues to live on today. And for a good reason. 

In the early days Western Bagel decided to pave a new path, stray away from the classic New York-style bagel recipes, and created a bagel that’s unique to the West Coast featuring a more crispy exterior and airy, soft interior. That’s ultimately how “The Bagel That Won The West” was born. 

Today, Western Bagel has 11 retail locations throughout Los Angeles, supplies a wide variety of markets/retailers throughout the world, and we give you the ability to order bagels online that will be shipped to your door. The times are definitely changing. 

As Western Bagel continues to expand Los Angeles will always be home, and we are looking forward to what the future holds. 

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