Are Bagels High in Protein? It Depends on the Bagels, Recipe and Company

The healthy bagel debate continues to live on with people throughout the world looking for alternatives to classic bagels, especially options that are low-carb and protein-rich. And after becoming a leader in the bagel space one question that we are often asked is if bagels are high in protein, which requires a further explanation. 

While classic bagels are geared towards tradition and taste, the new wave of bagels taps into the health-conscious trends of today, especially when it comes to taking something like a bagel that’s typically viewed as a guilty pleasure then transforming it into something that fits into your lifestyle or workout regimen and becomes a positive. 

In a nutshell, are most bagels high in protein? No. But that’s why we created our line of Perfect 10 bagels that are packed with protein and have become popular with athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and others living active lifestyles. 

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