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On occasion, Western Bagel will invite guest bloggers to write an article on our site We invite those who are advocates of our products and have done a stellar job promoting our products. Although we have invited them to write on our site that doesn’t mean that we support the same ideas, opinions or views that they have.

The views, opinions, positions, stances, social media posts, or any outside activity was taken by any of these bloggers, Instagrammers and etc are their own and not supported or backed by Western Bagel.

Furthermore, if any of these statements made by these guest bloggers are made outside their article we don’t back them when we publish their article. We are a site to host content. If any of the content on the blog or on their social media sites or websites become fictitious we do not support or claim it is true. If there is evidence supports that their article becomes false we accept no liability if that is revealed. Which includes the following but not limited to: errors, omissions, copyright infringement, or false representations.

If you feel that there is any blog or article with anything of this nature please feel free to contact us at

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