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4 Things Bagel Brad can do

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Our beloved cowboy who is seen in our stores and logos is more than a cartoon character. Call him “Bagel Brad”, and although he looks innocent he is a mean saving machine. Every week we send out our “Bagel Brad Deal”, which is accepted in all our stores on the date that it is listed valid for. This is a great newsletter to be a part of for any kind of Western Bagel lover, and you can save so much money each week! The best part is that it’s free by way of signing up by going to the home page. Then go to the bottom left corner of the page and type your email address.

If you think of yourself as a regular then this is the deal for you. No coupons, no printing we email this right to you. Then you can show it to one of our Western Bagel Clerks on your phone. We even send it out on Facebook and Twitter. It’s that easy. Remember it’s free.99 to sign up, so, why not?

1. A dozen of Bagels with Cream Cheese

Do you enjoy your bagels with family, friends or coworkers? Then chances are that you are constantly getting a Dozen bagels with cream cheese. Well, next time you visit our stores come on a day this special is active with the help of Bagel Brad.

2. Bagel with cream cheese and coffee

Like most of us, we like Bagels regardless of the occasion, we find ourselves having bagels for breakfast every day if we can. Again, Bagel Brad comes to the rescue with a huge discount on any Bagel, cream cheese, and coffee. Makes eating breakfast more affordable.

3. Turkey Sandwich with a Drink

Sandwiches, one of the all-time greatest inventions of modern humankind–for foodies at least. Turkey was probably a staple point in your lunch bag growing up. This time it’s bagelized, and it is a combo including &  drink.

How to sign up:

Ready to sign up and start receiving these killer deals? Just go to the home page, and scroll to the bottom. Then on the left bottom corner, you will type in your email address and you will now receive Bagel Brad deals!

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