The Mystery Behind Everything Bagels: Opening the Curtain

When you think of bagels there’s a good chance the flavor-packed everything bagel comes to mind, and though it may seem mysterious it’s really just (as the name suggests) a mix of all seasonings commonly found in bagel shops. But there’s more to the story.  

From bagels found in New York to bagels on the West Coast and throughout the world, everything bagel seasoning consists of similar ingredients and where things vary is around the quality of ingredients and ratios used. 

At Western Bagel, we have been making everything bagels for over 70 years and thought we’d share this post to answer a few of the most common questions we get on a regular basis. 

What is in an everything bagel?  

Everything bagels are bagels topped with a seasoning blend that includes a mix of poppy seeds, sesame seeds, garlic and onion flakes, sunflower seeds, pretzel salt and black pepper. At Western Bagel, we skip the black pepper. 

What does everything bagel seasoning taste like? 

The flavor/seasoning of everything bagels is very unique and difficult to describe, but imagine a symphony of flavors coming from the nuttiness of the seeds with hints of garlic and onion, the spiciness of pepper then bursts of salt. It’s truly an experience. 

Are everything bagels healthy? 

Many years ago we started to get questions around healthy bagels of all sorts, which is the main reason we launched our low-carb and high-protein bagels, and when looking at whether everything bagels are healthy or not it really comes down to the bagels themselves as well as what they’re topped with. 

If you are craving everything bagels and looking to buy online we got you covered! From our classic bagels to high-protein Perfect 10 + everything bagels, they’re only a click away. 

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