6 Western Bagel Sandwiches that will Change your Life

Western Bagel Sandwiches

Although the usual Bagel and Cream Cheese is a staple when it comes to bagel culture, there is more to bagels than what meets the toaster. Since 1947, we have been supplying the inhabitants of Los Angeles with more than the usual bagel breakfast. We have extended it to all times of day with Sandwiches and even hot dogs! We created a list with our customer favorites when ordering sandwiches. Bagels are more than breakfast, bagels are life. Even if you’re not local, this list is great to give you some ideas on how to enjoy your bagels. NOT ALL SANDWICHES ARE IN EVERY STORE. DISCLAIMER: ALL PRICES IN THE STORES OVERRIDE THIS BLOG POST. Prices reflect (8/2016)

Western Bagel Egg ala Bagel on a napkin
  1. Egg ala Bagel Sandwich ($4.85): This seems to be a favorite amongst the breakfast bunch, but it’s not really a surprise why. This sandwich is stuffed with scrambled eggs, ham and also cheddar cheese. The one displayed here is with unmelted cheese, but if you want it melted you can have it at any store.  Ordering on Plain or Everything bagel is the way to go.
Western Bagel Egg ala Bagel with Sausage
  1. Egg ala Sausage Sandwich ($4.85): Just like its cousin the normal Egg ala, the sausage version gets plenty of love. If you’re a meat lover then this bagel sandwich is for you. FYI: Did you know we serve breakfast from open to close? Everyone says breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not have it 3 times a day. Tip: Try on an everything bagel ask to throw some ham on there for a small fee to be the ruler of breakfast.
Western Bagel Hot Turkey Sandwich on a board
  1. Hot Turkey Sandwich ($7.25): Now we get into the land of lunch and beyond. Most kids grew up with turkey sandwiches in their lunch, well now you can have bagels and turkey at the same time. This sandwich features turkey that is oven roasted and carved just like Thanksgiving. Thanks to Boar’s Head, we have some of the best meats in town. The best part is that you can add as much as you want for a small fee. Try it on a Jalapeño if you like spicy.
Western Bagel Traditional Lox Sandwich
  1. Traditional (Lox Sandwich $ 8.55): What did the bagel do when he lost his keys? The bagel called the loxsmith. Anyways, eating lox and bagels have been a long tradition in old eastern Europe and is still loved today. If you think that you have reached the point in your life where you just love bagels then now is the time to try. You won’t be disappointed. If you’re not sure, just try the lox spread cream cheese for starters.
Western Bagel Ciabatta Sandwich with Turkey
  1. Ciabatta Sandwich ($8.25):  You’ve made it this far, and you now you get the hot tip that we actually have ciabatta in ‘most’ stores. This one here is featured with the cold turkey. Load it up for double meat for a small fee. Now when you become tired of bagels you can still rep the coolest bagel company in town, but sandwich style. Really though who gets tired of bagels?
Western Bagel Panini Turkey Sandwich
  1. Panini ($8.25): Well, we have lots of explaining to do we guess, but who is really complaining a panini? They didn’t call us Western “has-it-all” Bagel for nothing. In this case, you can have turkey and also tuna when you get this pressed panini. Not available in all stores

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