Perfect 10 Maxx Healthy Grain 4ct ®


✔ 30g Protein
✔ 28g Carbs
✔ 210 Calories
✔ 1g Sugar
✔ 14g Dietary Fiber

Perfect 10 Maxx High Protein BagelThe Perfect 10 Maxx is the highest protein bagel on the planet and this bagel is thick, it’s like a full-size New York bagel. Save your money on protein powder and order this. The pea protein is what makes this so strong. It’s also soy-free and vegan-friendly. The Healthy Grain Protein bagel is rich with sesame, sunflower and flax seeds. Highest in Protein (29g), Low in Carbs (29g), low in calories (210), an amazing .5 amount of Saturated Fat. Sugar is a well-avoided item, and that’s why it only has 1 gram of sugar. This bagel includes 10% of your daily iron intake and 15% of your daily calcium. This bagel is also rich in Potassium and Magnesium.

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