Make Your Own Bagel Box

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Configure your own box of classic bagels with as many as you like. Each selection is half a dozen (6) bagels. All orders above $31 receive free domestic shipping to the lower 48 states.

Original Egg ® 6ct.

6 Count, 3oz. eachOur Egg bagels are a favorite among all bagel lovers. Give it a try, we promise you won't be disappointed!

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Original Plain ® 6ct.

6 Count, 3oz. eachOur original and most simple bagel ever made. Don’t let the name fool you though. It’s anything but PLAIN. This bagel’s been around for more than 68 years, and isn’t going anywhere soon.

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Original Onion ® 6ct.

6 Count, 3oz. eachOnion and more onion. This work of art does well toasted, then dipped in soup. The Onion is one of our fall and winter best sellers.

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Original Sesame ® 6ct.

6 Count, 3oz. eachOur Sesame bagels are totally covered with sesame seeds. That’s the way we like it, so we figured you would as well.

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Original Blueberry ® 6ct.

6 Count, 3oz. eachWe took luscious blueberries and made bagels out of them. Well ok, we also added a few more ingredients, but you can’t beat that distinct blueberry flavor.

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Original Cinnamon Raisin ® 6ct.

6 Count, 3oz. eachCalifornia sun kissed raisins mixed with heady cinnamon. Delicious mix of great ingredients make for one bagelicious bagel.

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